Dear Jason,

I want to thank you and Tina again for working with me on my water tower project, which I started in July 2008 and finished this September. I particularly appreciate your patience in working with me, a homeowner with little knowledge of construction, let alone doors and windows. I was very happy with the way you and Jeremy worked with me to find solutions, and everything is absolutely fantastic.

I’m very happy with the way all my Marvin doors and windows turned out. Everyone comments on how great they look, and people are particularly interested in the Tilt-and-Turn design. I tell everyone about Javco and suggest they call you if they want any work done.

So again I say thank you, and when I can afford to do more work I’ll have more windows for Javco to deal with.


Thank you for being such a wonderful part of mine and Trinity’s life-changing day. This has been such a wonderful gift, and no words can describe what you all have done for us. Every day when we look out our unbelievable windows, it’s like looking through a framed picture. Every day is a brighter day. Thank you.